Kelda Showers have delivered many installations of our water and energy-efficient Air-Powered showers, demonstrating real world savings and improvements to user experience.

Find below testimonials from just a few of our installations.

Max Wilshaw

General Manager, GLL.

“Working with Kelda was simple and easy. The project has supported our vision which includes reducing consumption but improving customer experience. To say we are happy is an understatement.”

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Becky Macdonald

PR & Marketing Coordinator, Ragdale Hall Spa.

As a Destination Spa, we are always trying  to enhance the guest experience through our facilities. The Bubble Shower is a great addition to our 12 heat and water experiences in our Thermal Spa and gives a contemporary approach on a traditional shower. As the water falls and the bubbles form, a playful atmosphere is added and creates a more sensory experience for our guests, through touch, light and sight therefore making a more uplifting shower experience.

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Dave Lanham

Area Technical Manager, Freedom Leisure.

“A good product with a definite water saving incentive. 5-6 litres per minute from 14-16 litres per minute confirmed. The showers save energy also as water is heated form a buffer vessel so less hot water is used. Our elderly customers are very particular …and have not complained.”

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Mark Anthony

Founder & Owner, First Light Cycle Studio.

“When looking at what our brand stands for installing Kelda’s showers was an easy decision. Efficiency, experience and we get to fulfill our social responsibility of looking after the environment. They look fantastic.”

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John Busby

Facilities Manager, GLL.

“What was delivered exceeded our expectations; the member experience, savings and service provided has been consistent in it’s excellence of delivering to our values of improving the customer journey and our social obligation to save energy.”

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Nicholas Bounds

Maitenance Manager, Freedom Leisure.

The new Kelda showers are in a different league to the previously installed showersinstallation was straight forward and maintenance is easier. Members are happier too!

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Mel Jackson

Manager, Puregym.

“I’m astounded by the results of the trial. We knew Kelda Technology’s shower system has a good reputation and expected it to be well received, but to see the overwhelming outcome is just proof that installing it is one of the best things we’ve done for our customers. The Kelda Technology shower will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our customer experience and we hope to have them fitted throughout the gym soon.”

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