Kelda Showers Installed in Cala’s Beckenham Development

We are delighted that Cala Homes have recently completed their new properties in Beckenham, installed with our own Air-Powered™ showers. Kelda are thrilled to again partner with Cala, working together to help continue their commitment to design and develop homes with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. 

Their Langley Court development saw Cala once again develop new homes with energy saving products installed, including EV charging, air source heating, smart hot water cylinders and smart home technology as well as our Air-Powered water and energy saving showers.

“We are pleased to have installed Kelda’s Air-Powered showers at out Langley Court development in Beckenham. Not only do they help significantly reduce the water and energy consumption in these new homes but can make a significant contribution towards lowering their utility bills.”
Steve RuleGroup Design & Technical Director, Cala Group Ltd.

Kelda admires and fully supports Cala’s commitment to building homes that’ll be operationally net zero carbon from 2030. 

As well as our work with Cala, Kelda have been working with the energy saving trust and have a case study featured on their website

Our participation in a domestic shower field trial, designed to demonstrate a product’s eco friendly credentials, revealed significant savings in four areas:


When compared to conventional shower mixers, a Kelda shower uses nearly 70,000 fewer litres of water each year (69,800). This is a reduction of 55% in the amount of water used. On average this equates to an annual saving of £180, or 40% of the water bill for a household of four.


Due to their usage requiring less water, Kelda showers use 2,220 less kWh of energy each year than conventional shower mixers. For a household of four this is a reduction of 55% of the amount of energy used, resulting in a saving of £285 off their annual bill.

Just by replacing a conventional shower mixer with a Kelda shower, a typical household can reduce their energy consumption by 10%  each year. This saving of 2,200 kWh is approximately the equivalent of boiling the kettle 20,000 times.

Carbon Emissions 

Having a Kelda shower installed can reduce the carbon emission of a property. Kelda showers emit 540 kilograms, or 55%, less carbon dioxide each year than conventional shower mixers.

This means that a typical household could reduce the amount of carbon emissions their home emits by approximately 10%, which equates to 540 kg of CO2. This is the equivalent of flying over 1,200 miles, which would be from London to Dusseldorf, Germany 3 times over.


A family of four using metered water would save about £465 a year if they switched from a traditional mixer shower to a Kelda shower due to the overall decrease in energy and water consumption.

“It is quantified data such as this, along with our own continuous energy saving efforts and other aspects of research and development that make Kelda a significant partner for projects such as Langley Court.  We look forward to partnering with Cala Group Ltd on their flagship zero carbon home in Peterborough and other exciting sustainable projects.”  

Paul Ravnbo-West, Marketing Director Kelda Showers.