Kelda delivers cost-effective regulatory compliance

New Build Housing

Kelda Showers provides housebuilders a cost-effective solution to achieving water and energy performance standards, whilst also giving homeowners a great shower experience while lowering household utility bills.

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Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology can help reduce water authority connection fees.Request a quote today.

Energy Rating New Dwellings (SAP)

Kelda is working with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to recognise Air-Powered™ showers within the Product Characteristic Database (PCDB) / Appendix Q of SAP.

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used for calculating the energy rating of new dwellings.

Initial estimations are that a Kelda shower will reduce DER (actual CO2 emission rate) by about 10% and improve SAP rating by 1 point.

Kelda is committed to offering support to specifiers / SAP Assessors to help ensure that the impact is optimised for a dwelling.

How Kelda Showers provides a great solution for new build housing

Low Carbon

Cost-effective route to achieve regulatory compliance

Easy Installation

Easily installed into future house designs

Water Efficiency

Reduced household water usage 

Homeowner Savings

Homeowners love the reduction in utility bills as well as immersive experience

Radically Reducing Water Consumption


Kelda Showers can help compliance with building regulations, specifically Part G.

Using 55% less water, our Air-Powered technology prevents exceeding the water usage target of 125 litres per person per day, or 110 litres per person per day in water stress areas. Due to improvements in fabric efficiency, hot water will take over from space heating as a primary energy load.

Our Deluxe Shower Panels are manufactured with limescale-resistant nozzles, preventing blockage and reduced water pressure.

Energy Efficient, as Verified by Energy Saving Trust


Energy Saving Trust has verified the following claims regarding the energy efficiency of our Air-Powered™ showers:

  • A typical home could cut its annual energy consumption by about 10% (2,200kWh) by replacing its conventional mixer shower with a Kelda shower
  • A Kelda shower can save a total of £385 in the annual water and energy bills of a household of four

Our Air-Powered™ showers are highly efficient thanks to their intelligent microprocessor and powerful digital fan, the latter of which helps to minimise the risk of legionella.

Lower Household CO2e


In a recent trial with Barratt Developments, a Kelda shower was proven to reduce carbon emissions by 5000 kg CO2e and equivalent to A 10% reduction in Dwelling Emission Rate (DER).

As verified by EST, A typical home could cut its annual energy carbon emissions by about 11% (630kgCO2) by replacing its conventional mixer shower with a Kelda shower.

A Kelda shower emits 630 fewer kilograms of carbon dioxide per year than a conventional mixer shower. Our showers offer significant carbon reduction, which can be heightened in super insulated homes.

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