Kelda Showers can help the Leisure Park Industry significantly reduce water consumption, energy usage, carbon emissions and costs from showering

Faster ROI Than Heat Source Pumps or Solar

By Installing Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers, park operators can significantly reduce their water and energy usage. These water and energy savings, typically around 50%, can help park operators lower their running costs, as well as provide savings for private owners.

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Kelda’s Air-Powered™ and BubbleSpa technologies are well suited for holiday homes due to their luxurious experience and efficient performance. Request a quote today.

Lower Operating Costs for Private Owners and Park Operators

Kelda’s Air-Poweredshowers offer users an immersive shower experience using significantly less water and energy compared to conventional showers. This means that private owners and park operators can lower their utility costs.

Kelda showers can help park operators improve their ESG Levels and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as financial savings.

For leisure home manufacturers looking to offer more sustainable products to market, our Air-Poweredtechnology can significantly aid this ambition. Kelda can support new electric-only lodges, as well as other concept lodges.

By offering private owners and park operators a more efficient shower installation, manufacturers can offer significant financial savings.

How Kelda Showers provides a great solution for holiday homes and leisure parks

Financial Savings

Lower operating costs by reducing water and energy consumption per shower event

Lower Water Consumption

Superior water efficiency 

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Lower CO2e for park operators

Low Maintenance

Easy installation and low maintenance requirements

Financial Savings

Leading leisure home manufacturers are choosing to have Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers installed due to its capacity to reduce carbon emissions and simultaneously lower operating costs by almost £500 per year according to Victory.

Lower Water and Energy Consumption

Our innovative Air-Powered™ technology uses the principles of fuel injection technology. This makes our showers more effective at rinsing shampoo and shower gel, requiring less water per shower event and therefore less energy to heat it.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

With park operators and manufacturers facing pressure to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, A Kelda Air-Powered™ shower emits 630 fewer kilograms of carbon dioxide per year than a conventional mixer shower.

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