Case Study: David Lloyd Leisure

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers are saving 10,000 litres of water every day at David Lloyd’s Ipswich Club.

david lloyd showers

About David Lloyd Leisure

David Lloyd Leisure is renowned for offering premium fitness, leisure, and social experiences. With a network of upscale health and wellness facilities, their clubs provide state-of-the-art gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, and luxurious spa amenities. Their members enjoy a holistic approach to well-being, combining fitness with family-friendly environments. The clubs often feature innovative fitness classes, expert personal trainers, and vibrant social spaces, fostering a sense of community. 

David Lloyd is committed to achieving net zero by 2030 by electrifying their sites through the deployment of renewable technologies and officially recognises energy efficient showers in their sustainability statement.

The Process

Kelda were invited to trial our Air-Powered™ technology at David Lloyd’s Ipswich Club. 

Kelda Showers are the pioneers of innovative water-saving showers. Kelda’s air-powered showers satisfy expectations of both high performance, efficiency and environmental integrity. By applying innovative technology Kelda can offer a shower solution that for the first time can help significantly reduce water and energy consumption, and in the process reduce carbon emissions. All of this is done without sacrificing user experience. The mission has always been to make less water feel like so much more.

See Results

Existing Showers


old david lloyd showers

Before installation, Kelda established the existing shower flow rate of David Lloyd’s existing showers at 9.0 litres per minute. Kelda’s showers were specified at 6.0 l/min rate, but can offer members an immersive shower experience as low as 4.5 l/min.

Kelda Shower Monitoring And Recording Technology (KSMART) 

A total of 31 showers were installed and fitted with Kelda’s KSMART data loggers to accurately measure water consumption, shower duration and frequency of showers (use/day). Kelda’s KSMART technology is integrated into each shower and provides customers with accurate shower information without the need to install expensive sub-metering, or additional meters downstream of the main water meter.

During the monitoring period KSMART captured 7,045 shower data points. This information provided invaluable insights for David Lloyd to better understand the percentage of water used for showering at their Ipswich Club site and make science-based recommendations to improve water and energy efficiency onsite.


shower duration

Data collated from David Lloyd Ipswich Club reveals the average shower duration during the monitoring period was 3m 42s, with some members showering for over 20 minutes.  Shower usage during opening hours (06:00 – 22:00) was consistent with attendance patterns. This clearly demonstrates the constant high demand for hot water throughout the day.


shower usage

The Results

Reducing water consumption by 33% Kelda’s Air-Powered showers are saving David Lloyd’s Ipswich Club 10,000 litres of water every day.

See below estimated savings at Ipswich Club:

  • Annual Water Savings (Showering) = 3,556 m3 
  • Annual Water Savings = £8,358
  • Annual Energy Savings (Hot Water) = £5,388
  • Annual Total Savings (Hot Water) = £13,746
  • Payback (ROI) = 14 months (Product), 20 months (inc. installation)

Kelda’s water and energy savings showers are also supporting David Lloyd on their journey to carbon net zero by 2030 by reducing carbon emissions (hot water energy) by 28.7 tCO2e every year at their Ipswich Club. 

The results have have been very well received by David Lloyd Leisure and further rollouts are scheduled for 2024. 


Installation Photos:

“The installation was very straightforward, and Kelda’s team was on hand to provide advice and technical support throughout the project. Following installation, we have received positive feedback from our members. Despite the 33% reduction in water use the experience and performance has been uncompromised which is a great proof of the shower innovation.”
Scott LennardGeneral Manager, David Lloyd Leisure.

Savings calculated from KSMART technology and data provided by David Lloyd Leisure.