BIM Object Library

Download our BIM files to help you with your project

Kelda has launched its BIM object library on the BIMobject platform showcasing our range of low carbon, high efficiency showers.

Available for free from BIMobject, the new-data-rich Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects allows architects, engineers and contractors to easily incorporate Kelda’s products into a BIM model and associated component database. Certified to the trusted BIMobject standard, each BIM object details the various models, finishes, dimensions and flow rates of each product available to specifiers.

BIMobject is the world’s largest content platform with over 2 million users and 2000+ brands. The platform provides the highest quality manufacturer specific BIM content paving the way for new working methods, faster and more precise design phases, lower costs, greater sustainability and future-proof property management.

At Kelda, we fully understand the significance of providing manufacturers’ data and specification and share the widespread view that BIM is the future of specification. Since becoming compulsory in 2016 for all public projects our focus has always been to invest in and strengthen our BIM object library to support the construction industry.

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