Kelda Showers Installed in Lloyds Banking Group Office

Kelda Showers installed, as a pilot, in Lloyds Banking Group Bristol Harbourside office.

Upon winning the Sustainable Innovations Competition, run in partnership by Wates Group and Lloyds Banking Group, both Kelda’s Air-Powered™ and BubbleSpa showers® were installed, as a pilot, in Lloyds’ Bristol Harbourside office.


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The building was transformed in a matter of just 13 weeks, with the project being led by HLN group. We were delighted to support them on this project, also working alongside 79 Group.

HLN takes pride in creating innovative, transformative spaces. Working with Wates on this Bristol Harbourside project, the Cat B fit-out reflected the vibrant nature of the area. This project prioritised environmental responsibility and community engagement.

In 2023, Kelda Showers won the Wates Innovation award. Our advanced shower technologies saw Kelda chosen from over 200 applicants who participated in a pitching competition, as their capacity to support Lloyds Banking Banking Group Net Zero carbon operations by 2030 was recognised. 

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers use 55% less water than conventional mixer showers, as verified by Energy Saving Trust (EST), without compromising on user experience. EST, a British independent organisation devoted to promoting energy efficiency, also verified that a typical home could cut their annual energy carbon emissions by about 11% (630kgCO2) by replacing their conventional mixer shower with a Kelda shower.

5 Kelda Air-Powered™ Deluxe Shower Panels were installed in Lloyds’ Bristol Harbourside office, alongside 5 of our BubbleSpa® Exposed Mixer Showers.

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Bubblespa technology allows users to enjoy water in a way like no other shower. BubbleRain spray form creates very large droplets filled with air that fall softly on the body for a luxurious shower feel.

Each bubble simulates the soft rhythmical fingertip tapping that is synonymous with traditional Swedish massage techniques. We call it BubbleTapping shower therapy. Fingertip tapping massage is well known to provide numerous health benefits including blood circulation improvement, strengthening of the immune system and muscle relaxation.

BubbleSpa offers users a holistic shower experience, whilst also using less water than conventional spa-style showers.

“These innovative air showers use an average of 50% less water and thus less energy than a standard shower. I have to say, I really liked it. The water felt very light on your skin but felt the same amount of water coverage you’d get with a standard shower. 10 out of 10 from me.”
Mike StittSustainability Manager, Lloyds Banking Group.