Key Features

    Fixed Showerhead  –  Fixed™

    The Fixed™ showerhead features 12 patented MACRO-Jet™ nozzles, each designed to create a perfect stream of water with large MACRO droplets. The head is constructed from high impact strength engineering thermoplastic for increased durability, and fixed at the perfect angle to provide optimum spray performance   –  with all hair types in mind.

    Water-Efficient Control

    Kelda’s commercial specification shower panel with TMV2 safety valve provides the user with full temperature control up to 38° C to prevent scalding. In order to promote water reduction flow is activated by a digital push-button which can be preset from 10 to 60 seconds.

    Fail-safe Design 

    Kelda TMV2 safety valve has been tested at both high and low pressures to meet the highest safety standards, such as thermal shut down on hot or cold supply failure, testing for hot spikes, testing for temperature control at equal and unequal pressures, testing for temperature stability under changing inlet temperatures as well as many others.

    Efficient Cleaning

    Compared to standard showers on the market, Kelda’s MACRO droplets are larger  –  yielding larger momenta. This gives the sensation of more spray pressure. With 15X more impact than a standard shower droplet a Kelda shower is more effective at rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

    Sustainable Showering

    Mixers showers waste too much water and use precious resource. A Kelda shower uses 5 litres per minute of water compared to an average shower that uses 10. This means half the water and energy and therefore fewer carbon emissions. A Kelda shower maximises every droplet to reduce waste.

    Immersive Experience

    Imagine a shower that is designed for you and the planet. A Kelda shower atomises water into 100s of perfectly engineered MACRO droplets to ensure you feel every single one of them. We may use less water to help conserve the world’s most precious resource but we haven’t compromised on experience.

    Advanced Technology


    Kelda’s patented Air-Powered™ technology is drawn from decades of cutting-edge aerospace technology. Water is injected into a high velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of MACRO droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower  –  making less water feel like so much more.

    MACRO-Jet™ Nozzles

    Kelda’s showerhead comprises an array of 12 specially engineered MACRO-Jet™ nozzles. A larger core diameter produces larger MACRO droplets – providing better thermal stability and rinsing performance. Larger nozzles also improve operational reliability as they are less likely to block and accumulate limescale.

    KSMART Microprocessor

    A digital microprocessor controls the optimum ratio of water and air to the showerhead for the ultimate Kelda shower experience. Kelda’s optional Shower Monitoring And Recording Technology (KSMART) can collect data on water consumption for intelligent building management systems (IBMS).


    To reduce the risk of water stagnation and prevent bacterial growth Kelda’s showerhead features a single-mode spray plate with fixed spray and no moving parts. For added safety Kelda also utilises it’s Air-Protect™ technology to blow air through the showerhead after each and every use.

    Technical Specification

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