Kelda Showers Installed in ABI and Victory Holiday Homes

Kelda Showers have been installed by two of the UK’s leading holiday home manufacturers!

Partnering up with Victory and ABI as part of the 2023 Great Holiday Home Show, our Air-Powered showers have been chosen thanks to their highly efficient water and energy usage.

By Installing Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers, park operators can significantly lower their operating costs.

Kelda Showers typically use between 50% – 60% less water and energy than compared to conventional showers. This makes them a smart investment for holiday home manufacturers, who can both lower the CO2 emissions of their homes and pass financial savings onto park operators and private owners.

As verified by Energy Saving Trust, our showers meet the highest energy performance standards. Energy Savings Trust is a British independent organisation, tasked with promoting energy efficiency, energy conservation and the sustainable energy use. A Kelda shower uses less than half the volume of water than a standard mixer shower.


The Great Holiday Home Show 2023


Across both the trade and public show, Kelda showers had units installed within the eco concept lodges provided by ABI and Victory – two of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Since 1976, The Great Holiday Home Show has been the go to event for dealers, park owners and industry suppliers to explore the most contemporary holiday homes and industry innovations. However, for the first time, this year’s show was held in Harrogate, at the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Holiday parks are an important component of the UK travel industry, accounting for around 17% of Britain’s entire holiday economy.

The Pioneers of Air-Powered Showers

Advanced Technology

Kelda’s  Air-Powered™ technology uses high velocity air to atomise water into 100s of MACRO droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower, making less water feel like so much more.

This offers users a heightened shower experience whilst using significantly less water.

Users can look forwards to an unrivalled shower experience, knowing that they’re also emitting fewer carbon emissions.

Savings Calculator


This savings calculator has been verified by Energy Saving Trust as accurate and appropriate for use by domestic customers wishing to estimate likely savings from replacing an existing shower with a Kelda Air-Powered™ shower.

Type of Property

Current Site

  • The above flow rate and shower duration are based on average figures provided by Energy Saving Trust. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Utility Costs

  • The above energy costs are taken from website. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Proposed Kelda Flow Rate

  • The standard flow rate of a Kelda shower is 5 litres/minute.