Freedom Leisure Cirencester Installation

Freedom Leisure opted to vastly improve their user’s shower experience by upgrading their poolside showers with Kelda’s Commercial Shower Panels TF, with our new white finish.


freedom lesiure showers

Freedom Leisure’s mission to improve lives through leisure saw them level up their poolside showers at their Cirencester leisure centre from their out-of-order existing installation to Kelda’s Air-Powered™ Commercial Shower Panel with Timed Flow control.

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Kelda’s Commercial Shower Panels TF are designed for environments where durability, robust design and low maintenance are key factors. These high efficiency showers conform to regulatory standards while providing an enhanced shower experience.

Our Commercial Panels are fitted with TF control to promote water efficiency.

Innovative Air-Powered™ showers provide an invigorating shower experience whilst using significantly less water and energy. This means reduced utility costs for Freedom Leisure – and fewer carbon emissions to help protect the planet.


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freedom lesiure showers

Featuring our Air-Powered™ technology, Kelda’s Commercial Shower Panels TF significantly reduce water and energy consumption and carbon emissions. This has seen Kelda Showers win many awards over recent years, including Water Saving Product of the Year as awarded by the Energy Saving Awards.

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology is committed to helping its customers reduce water and energy consumption from showering, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Our goal has always been to make less water feel like so much more, meaning that users can have a more immersive shower experience that costs the planet less.

Our showers use the principle of fuel injection technology, with each featuring an intelligent microprocessor and powerful digital fan which controls the delivery of water and air to the showerhead.

Within the showerhead, water is injected into a high-velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower. Larger droplets yield larger momenta providing the sensation of more spray force, making less water feel like more.

“Feedback from customers has been great and the installation team were extremely efficient with minimal impact to the centre.”
Matt TurnerGeneral Manager, Freedom Lesiure Cirencester.