Offering Students a Better Shower Experience

Using Less Water

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology offers student accommodation providers shower solutions that lower their utility costs. Our showers have been designed and manufactured here in the UK to deliver a better shower experience using less water and energy, resulting in fewer carbon emissions.

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Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers lower student accommodation providers operating costs.Learn more

Proven Results

Working with one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the UK, Kelda Showers uses 50% less water when compared to existing showers without increasing shower duration.

Situated in the centre of the town, iQ Kingston provides modern high-quality student accommodation in a convenient location, requiring any shower solutions to be of an equivalent standard.

Kelda was invited by iQ Student Accommodation to help assess the water-saving potential of our innovative Air-Powered™ shower technology.

A total of 21 student rooms were identified for the purpose of the shower trial. It was agreed that Kelda’s data loggers would be used to assess the water consumption of the current showers for one month, prior to fitting Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers, for another month.

How Kelda Showers provides a great solution for student accommodation providers

Lower Operating Costs

Reduce utility costs with showers that use less water and energy per shower.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Low maintenance and engineered to last

Reduce Energy Consumption

Immersive shower experience whilst using less energy

Smaller Carbon Footprint

The smallest carbon footprint of any like-for-like shower product

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Our Air-Powered™ showers are more than just environmentally friendly, being engineered to last too.

They have been rigorously tested in the most demanding real-life environments, ensuring they can withstand student’s high usage.

Once installed, their durability means that they’re remarkably low maintenance.

Less Water per Shower Event

As proven by our installations at iQ Kingston, Kelda showers are proven to offer an immersive shower experience using significantly less water.

A Kelda shower uses less than half the volume of water than a standard mixer shower, as verified by Energy Saving Trust.

Kelda’s goal has always been to create a more sustainable shower solution without compromising user experience.



Lower Carbon Emissions

By using less water per shower event, less energy is required to heat the water.

This reduction in water and energy usage means a reduction in carbon emissions, as well as financial savings.

Kelda is committed to helping Britain achieve Net Zero by 2050.

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