Kelda Shower Monitoring And Recording Technology (KSMART)

KSMART featuring Kelda’s Water Management System (WMS) is the first low-cost solution for remotely monitoring showers  –  allowing you to measure, monitor and manage your business’ shower water usage. Reduce your costs by understanding when and where you are using water. Track progress with our detailed reports and ensure operational resilience for proactive maintenance.

Data from each shower is transferred seamlessly over the local wireless network and presented on our intuitive WMS software.

Access data anytime, anywhere
Our online portal gives you full access to real-time analytics, whether you’re in the office or on the move. With unlimited user and multi-site capability you can monitor and manage water usage using your smart device anytime, and from anywhere.

• Visibility of shower water consumption and operational costs.
• Detailed insight into each shower operation and overall site performance.
• Understand trends and plan for peak demand.
• Pro-active maintenance: detecting misuse/leaks and compliance re. HSEs ACOP L8 & HSG274 cleaning regime.

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Easy installation


Shower satisfaction


Low water, energy, CO2


Lower running costs