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Our Air-Powered™ technology reduces carbon emissions by using significantly less water and energy per shower event. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our showers are proven to deliver a better shower experience as low as 4.5 litres per minute compared to the standard 10 litres per minute.

The result of over a decade of research and development, drawn from contemporary aerospace and automotive engineering, our Air-Powered™ showers use the principles of fuel injection technology to provide more efficient performance then conventional showers.

Specifically, Unlock Net Zero Live brings together the built environment and UK housing sectors to drive the implementation of practical carbon reduction solutions, such as our Air-Powered™ technology.

Kelda represents the future of sustainable showering. With our innovative Air-Powered™ technology injecting water into air, it marks the beginning of a new era: one of unrivalled experience, high-efficiency and responsible clean-technology. BubbleSpa, our latest offering, embodies our commitment to creating the world’s most desirable shower experience.

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