Case Study: Oasis Leisure Centre

Working in partnership with GLL, Oasis Leisure Centre reduced their annual water and energy consumption through installing Kelda showers by £10,000 per year, at current costs.

* Annual estimated savings based on data collected.

About Freedom Leisure
Greenwich Leisure Limited is the largest provider of sports and leisure facilities in the UK, and runs over 250 facilities on behalf of local authorities as a sociable charitable enterprise. The Oasis Leisure Centre is a large entertainment and sports complex, situated outside Swindon town centre.

• State-of-the-art lagoon-style pool
• Fully equipped fitness gym
• Events and Concert Hall
• Smaller second pool

Project summary
Kelda Technology was invited to Oasis Leisure Centre to help improve operational efficiencies within the busy poolside shower area – attracting 389,000 specific visits per year. Kelda’s audit recommended that Oasis Leisure Centre replace their traditional showers with innovative E3 panel water-saving showers. Kelda supplied 21 showers for a total sum of £12,999 providing a payback of just over 1 year.

Our approach
Kelda Technology is the pioneer of innovative water-saving showers. With superior power to a traditional shower, invigorating Kelda showers satisfy expectations of both high performance, efficiency and environmental integrity. By applying innovative technology Kelda is able to offer a shower solution that for the first time can help significantly reduce water and energy consumption, and in the process reduce carbon emissions – all without compromising experience.

1. Establish the Baseline Flow Rate (BFR) of current showers
2. Understand showering behaviour
3. Prepare Water & Energy Estimation – detailing annual savings
4. Roll-out with full training, marketing support and handover

Kelda Technology’s brief was to reduce water and energy consumption without affecting experience and member satisfaction. The previously installed conventional “inefficient” showers were at the end of their life cycle and delivered high flows rate between 14-16 litres per minute. As part of LC Swansea’s refurbishment project twenty-four showers were designated to be replaced with Kelda’s next-generation water saving shower system. Kelda’s E3 shower technology has been proven to significantly reduce water consumption without compromising experience.

Twenty-one of Kelda’s innovative water-saving showers were installed in the poolside area. Each panel was specified with an E3 Fixed shower head and timed-flow digital button, to promote water reduction. The new high-efficiency shower systems operate using low flow rates without compromising on experience. Each shower system provides the optimum ratio of water and air, which is accelerated using a jet-type nozzle, creating 200% the power of a traditional mains pressured shower.

The previous showers were operating at an average flow rate of 8.0 l/min – the Baseline Flow Rate. Kelda showers were set to a flow rate of 5.0 l/min providing an equivalent spray force of 10.0 l/min.

Installing Kelda showers in the poolside area resulted in a 38% reduction in water and generated annual savings of £10,892, at current costs, against a capital investment of £12,999. This is equivalent to an Return on Investment (ROI) of 15 months. Assuming a standard industry refurbishment of c. 5 years, this would provide a total project saving of £41,461, at current costs. Despite offering a 38% reduction in water consumption, Kelda’s unique and patented shower system provided a 125% improvement in shower experience thanks to it’s innovative E3 technology.

“Working with Kelda was simple and easy. The project has supported our vision which includes reducing consumption but improving customer experience. To say we are happy is an understatement.”
Max Wilshaw, General Manager, GLL

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