Kelda Technology – Flying the UK Clean Tech Flag

Kelda Technology, the global innovators in water-efficient showers are all set for a busy June as they fly the flag for British cleantech in Astana and San Francisco.

In Astana, Kazakhstan the company will be taking part in the Global Expo 2017, themed ‘Future Energy and Kelda Technology will be showcasing its range of commercial shower products at Global Expo 2017.

The first World Fair was held in 1851 in Hyde Park in London on the initiative of Henry Cole, a statesman, entrepreneur and designer, and Prince Albert. The Fair’s motto was a slogan “Let all nations work on the great deal – betterment of society”.

Astana EXPO-2017 has an environmental focus, bringing together the best green developments to showcase future energy concepts and also the best ways to bring such technology to those in most need. Representatives from Kelda Technology will be at Expo 2017 between 18th and 21st June.

The week before the Expo, Chris Jackson the CEO at Kelda Technology will be taking part in the Clean and Cool mission to San Francisco.

Clean and Cool brings together some of the most exciting businesses in fields such as energy supply and systems, urban living and smart infrastructure, automotive and smart mobility, agricultural and food, robotics, advanced materials and manufacturing.

At the heart of the week in California is a programme designed to help CEOs explore cross border opportunities, find faster routes to market and ways to overcome some of the challenges facing businesses in the clean energy sector.