Kelda Showers Shortlisted for Product of the Year

Kelda Showers are delighted to have been nominated for Product of the Year in the prestigious edie Net-Zero Awards.

Our patented Air-Powered™ technology has been recognised by edie for its carbon saving capacity. Kelda are the pioneers of high efficiency Air-Powered™ shower technology, offering between 50% – 60% water and energy savings in comparison to conventional showers.

The edie Net-Zero Awards champion industry leading carbon reduction innovations. The scheme allows the net zero achievement and efforts of trailblazing companies to be recognised by thousands of climate experts and businesses.

Run as a sister scheme to the established long standing edie Awards, the edie Net-Zero awards have come about thanks to the rise in corporate action and innovation in the drive towards net-zero rollout. Hosted as part of edie’s flagship campaign of live events and digital content, Kelda Showers are delighted to have our technology recognised. 

Our Air-Powered™ technology is verified by the Energy Savings Trust (EST). This ensures that our showers meet, and exceed, the highest energy performance standards.

Other ‘aerating’ showers use the Venturi principle. This restricts flow and draws air into the water through a small hole in the shower head. However, Kelda technology uses the principle of fuel injection technology. This sees an advanced microprocessor work in tandem with a powerful fan in order to control water and air delivery to the shower head.

Once the water is delivered to the shower head, it is injected into a high velocity airstream. This breaks the water up into droplets that are 2.5x the size of standard showers. These larger droplets land with increased momentum, giving the sensation of a greater spray force.

Our Air-Powered showers™ make less water feel like more, offering users a better shower experience using half as much energy. 

This means that Kelda Showers tend to use 5 litres of water per minute, where conventional showers use 10. This massively reduces bathroom carbon emissions.

Ultimately, The edie Awards acknowledge and reward those who are transforming business and striving towards net zero. Approaching it’s 17th year, previously operating as the Sustainability Leaders Awards, The edie Awards are the world’s leading sustainable business awards scheme.

The edie Awards ‘recognition of Kelda as part of their net Net-Zero Awards signifies our technologies’ carbon emission reduction capability. 

This savings calculator has been verified by Energy Saving Trust as accurate and appropriate for use by domestic customers wishing to estimate likely savings from replacing an existing shower with a Kelda Air-Powered™ shower. The outputs are estimates only – actual savings will depend on the details of the household, what parameters are entered and the way the shower is used.

Type of Property

Current Site

  • The above flow rate and shower duration are based on average figures provided by Energy Saving Trust. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Utility Costs

  • The above energy costs are taken from website. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Proposed Kelda Flow Rate

  • The standard flow rate of a Kelda shower is 5 litres/minute.