BubbleSpa® Featured in Housebuilder & Developer Magazine

Established since 1998, Housebuilder & Developer magazine recently featured Kelda’s BubbleSpa® shower technology – highlighting its unique showering experience.

bubblespa magazine feature

Housebuilder & Developer has been an established print media title since 1998. It is now one of netMAGmedia Ltd’s leading titles with a growing print subscription mailing list and digital issue, as well as a comprehensive website and digital marketing offering.

BubbleSpa showers transform the daily shower into a luxury spa experience, making them a differentiator for housebuilders. 

Using the science of air and water, these showers create very large droplets filled with air that cascade onto the user’s body for a magical shower feel. The popping of each bubble simulates Tapotement, a traditional fingertip tapping Swedish massage technique. Tapping massage is known to provide many health benefits including muscle relaxation and blood circulation improvement. 

We call it BubbleTapping.

Coinciding with, and highlighting, the new BubbleSpa brochure, Housebuilder & Developer’s BubbleSpa feature rubber stamps the technologies’ credentials for the residential market. BubbleSpa offers homeowners a holistic shower experience using only 8 litres of water per minute.

At the heart, BubbleSpa provides a shower experience like never before. Each shower session is infused with a sense of magic.