The EMA magazine Nov/Dec 2018 feat. Kelda Case Study

The EMA Magazine (Nov/Dec 2018) is available to read online. Please turn to page 72-3 to read about the exciting GLL Windrush case study where Kelda’s showers have helped to improve spray force by 60% and decreased water usage by 42% c. 1.2 million litres of water per year. You can read the article here Emex London – Kelda GLL Case Study. The November/December issue is special as it doubles up as the EMEX (Energy Management Exhibition) show guide.

EMA/EMEX overview:

  • The EMA magazine is aimed at anyone involved in energy management covering news and features related to energy management, sustainability and environment.
  • It has a high concentration of energy buyers, 82% are:
    • Energy Management 39%
    • Facilities/Estates/Property Management 29%
    • Environment & Sustainability 14%
  • 5,000 hard copies distributed nationally – readers are responsible for 44% of spend in the energy sector. Est. £6-8bn.
  • The magazine is shared with at least four peers/colleagues reaching 25,000 people in the industry.
  • EMEX is an immersive 2-day exhibition (21-22 November) bringing together key stakeholders who are passionate about implementing energy efficiency technologies and strategies.
  • EMEX attracts c. 4,500 attendees and represent the lion’s share of UK energy managers.