Cala Homes and Kelda Showers partner to offer homeowners a BubbleSpa upgrade

We are delighted to continue working with Cala Homes, one of the UK’s leading new home developers!

Kelda Showers and Cala Homes continue to support each other in our shared sustainability goals, on this occasion offering homeowners at their Inchcolm Green the chance to level up their shower experience with BubbleSpa.

Situated in the sought after location of Aberdour in Fife, this development boasted an arrange of stunning contemporary detached and semi-detached residences. These properties proved to popular, in part to their close proximity to Silversands beach, due to their sustainable-focused design and build.

Stepping into Cala’s show home, attention is drawn to the luxurious bathroom adorned with the innovative BubbleSpa Exposed Mixer Shower System. A centerpiece of modern indulgence, this shower system showcases Kelda’s distinctive 3D BubbleRain spray pattern. This extraordinary design produces generously sized droplets infused with airy freshness, cascading gently onto the body to replicate the tranquil experience of a spa shower.

Elevating the shower’s allure, an intelligent LED lighting ensemble envelops the showerhead. When activated, this luminous feature presents a trio of captivating visual effects: the graceful stream, the mesmerizing chain, and the enchanting droplets. This harmonious fusion of technology and aesthetics transforms every shower into a captivating sensory journey.

Our BubbleSpa shower is the result of more than ten years of Air-Powered™ technology research and development, which drew on the most advanced automotive and aerospace engineering. It is the only shower on the market with our patented bubble technology. Compared to standard showers, Kelda showers typically save between 50% and 60% of water and energy. By utilising ground-breaking Air-Powered™ technology, Kelda raises the bar for high-efficiency showers, assisting in reducing carbon emissions and operating expenses.

The new BubbleSpa shower from Kelda is a brilliant manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable shower. It is a compelling demonstration of the pioneering innovation that has been a Kelda hallmark for more than 10 years
Paul Ravnbo-WestMarketing Director, Kelda Showers.