New BubbleSpa® Brochure

Kelda Showers is delighted to share our new BubbleSpa® brochure, Developed in partnership with Studio Mad Keen, showcasing our innovative BubbleSpa shower technology.

bubblespa brochure

By partnering with the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper programme, we have offset any emissions produced from the production of the paper whilst making this brochure.

Printed on 100% recycled paper, a digital version can also be seen by following the link: New BubbleSpa Brochure.

This cutting-edge shower experience blends luxury and sustainability, offering a unique mix of air and water for an indulgent yet eco-friendly shower. Our new brochure highlights the entire BubbleSpa range, including overhead showers, concealed mixer sets and our exposed mixer set. Developed with both experience and energy efficiency in mind, these showers promise to elevate the daily shower experience into one of spa-like luxury.