We are Exhibiting at 2023 The Big Sustainability Expo!

Kelda Showers will be exhibiting both our Air-Powered™ and BubbleSpa technologies at The Big Sustainability Expo, October 3rd at The Ageas Bowl, Southampton.

The Big Sustainability Expo, now in its 8th year, sees professionals from large businesses, SMEs and NPOs meet with fellow experts and discover new innovative technologies and services.

This year’s event is to feature a range of over 100 exhibition stands, with 2 speaker theatres and a dedicated innovation zone too. The expo attracts a bright, forward thinking audience, who are highly engaged.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Kelda’s mission – to create the best shower experience using as little water and energy as possible.

Our innovative Air-Powered™ technology is the result of a decade of research and development. Our showers have been verified by Energy Savings Trust and are proven to reduce water consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

Luxurious BubbleSpa water saving showers with square shower head

Not that this emphasis on sustainability comes at the expense of user experience.

Kelda’s droplets are 250% times bigger than that of a standard shower. This means that they yield a larger momenta, giving the impression of a greater spray force, but actually using between 50% – 60% less water.

BubbleSpa is the manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable shower.

As well as offering users a truly luxurious shower experience, designed to mimic a Swedish massage technique, without compromising on Kelda’s core principles of reducing water usage from showering. BubbleSpa represents a holistic shower experience.

Learn more about BubbleSpa by watching our video.

Savings Calculator

This savings calculator has been verified by Energy Saving Trust as accurate and appropriate for use by domestic customers wishing to estimate likely savings from replacing an existing shower with a Kelda Air-Powered™ shower. The outputs are estimates only – actual savings will depend on the details of the household, what parameters are entered and the way the shower is used.

Type of Property

Current Site

  • The above flow rate and shower duration are based on average figures provided by Energy Saving Trust. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Utility Costs

  • The above energy costs are taken from www.gov.uk website. Please enter your own values for a personalised estimation.

Proposed Kelda Flow Rate

  • The standard flow rate of a Kelda shower is 5 litres/minute.