Kelda Showers are Big Sustainability Awards finalists

We are delighted to share that we are finalists in the Sustainable Product/Service category.

big sustainability awards finalists

Kelda has once again been nominated in recognition of our Air-Powered™ shower technology. The Big Sustainability awards is brought to you by the Southern Sustainability Partnership and this year’s sponsor, Barratt Developments.

This year’s Big Sustainability Awards is looking to once again be a fantastic celebration of like-minded businesses, all working towards building a more sustainable world for all. The awards are a great opportunity for professionals and businesses to come together and acknowledge the products and technologies that are spearheading change. 

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology has been nominated due to their water and energy efficient performance, significantly reducing carbon emissions from showering.

Using between 50% – 60% less water than conventional showers, without compromising on user experience.

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Air-Powered™ Showers Explained

Designed and manufactured here in the UK, our showers represent a more sustainable shower solution. As verified by Energy Saving Trust, our showers meet the highest energy performance standards. Kelda requested product performance verification to validate our savings claims.

Energy Saving Trust is an independent British organisation aiming to promote more sustainable use of energy. Being a constant source of advice and support to governments and businesses, EST are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Air-Powered™ technology reduces carbon emissions by using less water and energy per shower event. 

Conventional aerating showers use the venturi principle to restrict flow and draw air into the water through a small hole in the shower head.

Air-Powered™ showers on the other hand use the principles of fuel injection technology, to improve shower efficiency. Each of our showers features an intelligent microprocessor and advanced digital fan which in tandem control the delivery of air and water to the showerhead.

Within the showerhead, water is injected into a high velocity air stream. This breaks the water up into 100s of droplets, each being approximately 2.5X the size of that of a standard shower.

These larger droplets land with larger momenta, providing the user with the sensation of a higher spray force. This is how we make less water feel like so much more.

Our mission to create sustainable shower solutions doesn’t come at the expense of user experience. We represent the future of showering, immersive experiences that can be enjoyed guilt-free. 

Kelda showers are committed to helping customers reduce water and energy consumption from showering in fewer carbon emissions. Our Air-Powered™ technology marks the beginning of a new era of sustainable showering; one of elevated experience, high efficiency and responsible clean-technology.