Mariners by the Beach, an early adopter of BubbleSpa technology, is a luxury guest house, located in the beautiful village of East Wittering.

mariners by the beach


Offering guests serenity and comfort, Mariners is a luxurious, modern take on the traditional seaside getaway. Its modern interiors and high-end features draw visitors from all over the UK.

Mariners opted for a BubbleSpa concealed mixer shower set, available both wall or ceiling-mounted. Offering their guests holistic shower therapy as well as a spa-like experience within their very own bathroom.

BubbleSpa technology uses the science of air and water to create large droplets filled with air that fall softly on the skin for a luxurious shower feel. The result is a unique sensory BubbleRain experience.

BubbleRain simulates the soft rhythmical fingertip tapping that is synonymous with traditional Swedish massage techniques. We call it BubbleTapping shower therapy designed to revitalise the skin and rinse away stress.

BubbleSpa transforms a daily shower into a luxury spa experience that you not only see but feel and hear. The advanced LED EdgeLight contours the overhead shower and illuminates each bubble creating a magical high-definition spray pattern that will amaze time after time.



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“We’d heard all about BubbleSpa and were delighted to be invited to their head office to see it in action, after that we knew the perfect place for it would be in the upstairs bathroom, it’s great for a post workout shower with the added bonus of a gentle massage.”
Nicola SnellOwner

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