The World’s First BubbleSpa® Shower

Kelda Showers, the pioneers of innovative water and air powered technology, is thrilled to introduce the World’s first BubbleSpa® shower. At the forefront of luxury showering, Kelda is injecting magic into the showering experience to transform the everyday bathroom into a place of personal sanctuary and tranquility.

Launched in summer 2022, BubbleSpa® allows consumers to experience water in a way like no other shower. Kelda’s unique BubbleRain spray form creates very large droplets filled with air that fall softly on the body for a luxurious shower feel. Each bubble simulates the soft rhythmical fingertip tapping that is synonymous with traditional Swedish massage techniques. Kelda call it BubbleTapping shower therapy. Tapping massage is well known to provide numerous health benefits including blood circulation improvement, strengthening of the immune system and muscle relaxation. Kelda’s innovative BubbleRain is designed to revitalise the skin and rinse away stress.

“The new BubbleSpa shower from Kelda is a brilliant manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable shower. It is a compelling demonstration of the pioneering innovation that has been a Kelda hallmark for more than 10 years.” Paul Ravnbo-West, Marketing Director.

BubbleSpa® magic is created using the science of air and water. Each shower features a compact digital fan and intelligent microprocessor that controls the delivery of water and air to sixteen precision engineered nozzles. Each HydrO₂ nozzle is positioned within the overhead shower to ensure that BubbleRain provides the optimum experience and rinsing performance. The unique annular design of each HydrO₂ nozzle is designed using state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamic modelling software, ensuring the perfect mix of air and water is delivered for bubble formation. As water and air exit the HydrO₂ nozzle, a column of water with air inside forms until it breaks into individual bubbles. Each bubble is designed to be 20mm in diameter to provide the perfect stimulation to relax the skin. This is Kelda magic. The newly formed bubbles cascade from each of the sixteen HydrO₂ nozzles and the result is Kelda’s unique sensory BubbleRain experience.

For the first time BubbleSpa® transforms the daily shower into a luxury spa experience that you not only see but feel and hear. The advanced LED EdgeLight contours the overhead shower and illuminates each bubble creating a magical high-definition spray pattern that will amaze time after time. The body’s senses are further stimulated by the emission of sound as the bubbles softly tap and burst on the skin. A Kelda shower is designed to awaken the senses and provide the ultimate shower experience. Thanks to these amazing innovative features BubbleSpa® will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired in the morning, and calm and relaxed in the evening.

Kelda’s BubbleSpa® shower is the result of over ten years development in Air-Powered™ technology, drawn from cutting-edge aerospace and automotive engineering. It is the only shower with Kelda’s patented bubble technology inside. Kelda’s showers have been tested in the most demanding real-life environments to ensure longevity, high-performance and unrivalled quality.

Today, BubbleSpa® by Kelda is being launched to promote holistic wellbeing and a desire for balance, providing homeowners with a luxury spa-like experience in the comfort of their bathroom – while reducing the wastage of resources from showering. This stylish and ground-breaking design will suit any bathroom interior and the option of concealed or exposed shower installation makes it available for everyone to enjoy.

Kelda BubbleSpa® designed in the UK. Enjoy a magical shower experience every time.