Next-gen high-efficiency shower.

Kelda are the inventors of Air-Powered™ showers designed and manufactured in the UK. Our patented technology meets and exceeds compliance, offering a shower solution that is capable of providing an energising shower experience as low as 5 litres/minute.

Air-Powered™ showers typically save around 50%  –  60% of water and energy compared to a standard shower and, in turn, assist in reducing carbon emissions.

Kelda showers are not only eco-friendly, but they are engineered to last too. They have been exposed and tested in the most demanding real-life environments to ensure they can withstand the pressures of high usage. All Kelda showers comply with the water supply (water fittings) regulations and feature TMV certified mixing valves demonstrating our commitment to safety, quality, performance and reliability.

Advanced Technology


Kelda’s patented Air-Powered™ technology is drawn from decades of cutting-edge aerospace technology. In simple terms water is injected into a high velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of MACRO droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower  –  making less water feel like so much more.

MACRO-Jet™ Nozzles

Kelda’s showerhead comprises an array of 12 specially engineered MACRO-Jet™ nozzles. A larger core diameter produces larger MACRO droplets  –  providing better thermal stability and rinsing performance. Larger nozzles also improve operational reliability as they are less likely to block and accumulate limescale.


To reduce the risk of water stagnation and prevent bacterial growth Kelda’s showerhead features a single-mode spray plate with fixed spray and no moving parts. For added safety Kelda also utilises it’s Air-Protect™ technology to blow air through the showerhead after each and every use.

Air-Force3™ Fan

Kelda’s showers have been tested in the most demanding real-life environments to ensure many years of uninterrupted operation. Our latest Air-Force3™ digital fan is designed to deliver up to 300 litres of air per minute to the showerhead with a rapid pressure build-up of up to 5000 pascals.

Architectural Visuals


Installations with global partners to demonstrate water, energy and carbon emission savings.

Premier Gym & Fitness Clubs

Proven to reduce water consumption by 44% in partnership with one of the UK’s premier health and leisure operators.

Student Accomodation

Proven that students didn’t spend any longer in the shower despite using 50% less water – iQ Student Accommodation.

Leisure Centres

Proven to reduce water consumption by 40% without compromising experience – London Aquatics Centre.

The Kelda Experience


Easy installation


Shower satisfaction


Low water, energy, CO2


Lower running costs


Water, Energy & Carbon Savings

Kelda Air-Powered™ showers typically save around 50%  –  60% of water and energy compared to conventional showers, setting the highest standards in water savings and helping you to reduce operating costs. Furthermore, as a direct result of using less water and energy for hot water, Kelda showers can significantly lower carbon emissions  –  helping organisations achieve their sustainability targets.

Unrivalled Experience

Kelda’s design and engineering creates a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense. Despite using significantly less water Kelda’s patented Air-Powered™ technology atomises water into 100s of large MACRO droplets, yielding larger momenta, hitting the skin with more 15X impact. This result is a shower sensation of pressure without the excess volume of water compared to a standard shower.

Energy Technology List (ETL)

Kelda is working with the government’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to add high efficiency showers to the Governments Energy Technology List ( ETL ). The ETL is a government list of energy efficient products which for products to be listed must meet the ETL ‘s robust energy saving criteria  –  typically set at the top 25% of products in the market.

Energy Rating New Dwellings (SAP)

Kelda is working with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to recognise Air-Powered™ showers within the Product Characteristic Database (PCDB)  /  Appendix Q of SAP. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used for calculating the energy rating of new dwellings. Initial estimations are that a Kelda shower will reduce DER (actual CO2 emission rate) by about 10% and improve SAP rating by 1 point.

Kelda is committed to offering support to specifiers / SAP Assessors to help ensure that the impact is optimised for a dwelling.

Building Regulations (Water Efficiency)

Water for showering and bathing accounts for 41% of the total household consumption, according to Southern Water.

Part G2 of Building Regulations establishes standards on water efficiency in dwellings. A Kelda shower reduces the current ’maximum consumption’ or ‘flow rate’ requirement of 10 litres/minute by 50% (to meet the standard ‘notional’ level of 125 litres/person/day) and by 40% where the more stringent 8 litres/minute (‘higher’ optional level of 110 litres/person/day) is requested.

Water Infrastructure Discount

Water companies use a lot of energy to treat water, pump it to and from the home and then treat it before returning it to our rivers. Showers which use less water reduce this impact.

In response to water scarcity. Water Companies, such as Anglian Water, are incentivising developers, up to £740 per plot, to build new houses to a water efficiency standard of 100 litres/person/day (10 litres below the optional ‘higher’ level).

RIBA Climate Challenge Targets

According to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) one of the key design principles for sustainable water is to reduce the consumption of potable water by a minimum of 40%. This means 75 litres/person/day for domestic buildings and 10 litres/person/day for non-domestic buildings. A Kelda shower at 5 litres per minute flow rate can help organisations meet the RIBA’s 2030 Climate Challenge Targets.

Water & Safety Standards

A Kelda shower complies with all UK regulatory standards including the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, as outlined in Regulation 4.

For your added safety and peace of mind our thermostatic mixers comply with TMV2 approvals, meaning the shower water temperature will not exceed 41° C to prevent scalding.

Heating System Design

Using less water is not only a key requirement for compliance but can help generate savings in the size, capital cost and maintenance of your heating system. In the case of new build  –  less water allows the specification of a smaller hot water storage cylinder  –  a key consideration when using heat pumps, where 200-litre capacity is commonplace.

Unified Water Label

A Kelda shower uses 5 litres per minute of water compared to a standard shower that uses 10  –  achieving the highest “A” rating performance as outlined by the European Water Label.

BREEAM Sustainability

In a domestic refurbishment where the ‘Wat 01’ water calculator is used Kelda’s air-powered showers operating at less than 5 litres/minute exceeds conformity and achieves BREEAM ‘Excellent’ standard. Together with other bathroom fittings specified to ‘Excellent’ and WC room, kitchen and utility room fittings specified to ‘Good’ Kelda showers can help minimise the dwelling consumption of potable water to less than 96 litres/person/day  –  scoring maximum credits and achieving BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ standard.

Savings Calculator

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology creates a cascade of benefits for businesses and homeowners. In a typical gym swapping a standard shower for a Kelda shower could save around £1000 per year. At home, a typical household with a family of four, each showering once a day could save around £415 per year. To see how much you could save try using our simple Savings Calculator.