Case Study: Withdean Sports Complex

Working in partnership with Freedom Leisure, Withdean Sports Complex improved shower experience by 160% helping to raise member satisfaction and engagement – while decreasing water and energy consumption.

* Annual estimated savings based on data collected.

About Freedom Leisure
Freedom Leisure is a not-for-profit leisure trust which manages leisure and cultural facilities on behalf of partners across the UK. They are committed to improving lives through leisure by providing a first class leisure service. Withdean Sports Centre is a popular site in Brighton.

• One of the largest gyms in Brighton
• Over 150 exercise classes
• Indoor and outdoor tennis courts
• Indoor cycling studio

Project summary
Kelda Technology was invited to Withdean Sports Complex, tasked with a specific challenge; to help improve shower experience and raise member satisfaction – while maintaining operational efficiencies. Kelda’s audit recommended that Withdean Sports Complex replace the 14 conventional panel showers with Kelda’s innovative E3 panel water-saving showers. The upgrade was an investment in its members’ fitness journey, helping to improve member retention and continue to deliver a sustainable first class service.

Our approach
Kelda Technology is the pioneer of innovative water-saving showers. With superior power to a traditional shower, Kelda showers satisfy expectations of both high performance, efficiency and environmental integrity. By applying innovative technology Kelda is able to offer a shower solution that can deliver an invigorating shower experience using significantly less water. For the first time, operators can drastically cut shower operating costs (by significantly reducing water and energy consumption, and in the process reduce carbon emissions) without compromising shower experience.

1. Understand showering performance and member feedback
2. Establish the Baseline Flow Rate (BFR) of current showers
3. Prepare Water & Energy Estimation – detailing annual savings
4. Rollout with full training, marketing support and handover

The previously installed conventional panel showers by Delabie operated at a low flow rate of 5 litres per minute, however, provided a poor shower experience. There had been a number of member complaints with some members resorting to cancelling their membership, creating a major concern for management. Kelda Technology was tasked to help improve shower experience and overall member satisfaction, without impacting on operating costs.

Fourteen of Kelda’s innovative water-saving E3 panel showers were installed in the dry side changing room area. The works were completed out of hours by Kelda’s recommended MEP contractor so as not to disrupt the day-to-day business. E3 Fixed shower heads were specified male side, and E3 Flex shower heads were specified female side. The E3 Flex shower heads provide a greater level of control enabling users to direct the spray towards the body and away from their face – therefore not spoiling make-up and hair. To further improve experience individual thermostatic mixing valve were specified on each panel to enable the user to precisely set the desired water temperature. The provision of a timed-flow digital button was also specified to promote water reduction.

Kelda showers set to a flow rate of 4 litres per minute would provide an equivalent spray force of 8 litres per minute resulting in a 160% improvement in member experience, whilst delivering savings of c. 20%. This would provide a Return on Investment (ROI) of c. 29 months.

“The new Kelda showers are in a different league to the previously installed showers… installation was straight forward and maintenance is easier. Members are happier too!”
Nicholas Bounds, Maintenance Manager, Freedom Leisure

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