Kelda Showers Secures Over £2.2 Million in Funding Led by Macaulay Capital to Revolutionise Water Efficiency

Kelda Showers, a trailblazer in water and energy-efficient shower solutions, is thrilled to announce a successful capital raise of more than £2.2 million.

With a mission of “Delivering the ultimate shower experience while minimising water consumption,” Kelda is poised for significant impact. The funding round saw participation from an array of prestigious investors, including Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2), 24Haymarket, Growthdeck, and Amajaro Holdings. Leading the charge was Macaulay Capital, a distinguished name in the investment landscape.

Kelda’s emerging Air-Powered and BubbleSpa technologies are starting to capture attention in the marketplace, offering promising water and energy savings. Though still in the early stages of adoption, these novel products are beginning to make inroads in sectors ranging from housebuilding and leisure to hospitality, armed forces accommodation, and retail. Kelda is subtly shaking up traditional notions of water efficiency, hinting at greater disruption to come.

“Kelda has been at the forefront of low water/low energy showers for a number of years. With the increasing awareness of environmental factors, allied to more stringent regulation, Kelda’s unique and IP-protected proposition is now poised to lead the transformation of a sector that has been largely devoid of true innovation to date. The Macaulay Co-Investment Programme investors were delighted to support Richard White and his team, and to lead this current round, alongside existing investors, Growthdeck and 24Haymarket, as well as other new investors LCIF and Armajaro.” Richard Bucknell – Chief Investment Officer, Macaulay Capital.

Kelda’s Air-Powered technology has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust and can reduce water and energy consumption by up to 55%, whilst reducing household utility costs by up to £465 per annum*

With this new round of capital, Kelda Showers is strategically poised for an ambitious expansion, ensuring that its innovative technologies become the new industry standard for sustainable showering solutions.

“We are not merely tapping into an existing market; we are about to unleash a wave of disruption in the water industry itself. This capital infusion, especially with the strong backing of Macaulay Capital, equips us to not only accelerate our growth but to bring the global potential of our groundbreaking technology to life. We aim to redefine what efficiency means for water usage and environmental impact, making every droplet count.” Richard White – CEO, Kelda Showers.

About Kelda Showers

Kelda Showers is a leading provider of water and energy-efficient shower systems, committed to advancing sustainable solutions for the housebuilding, leisure, hospitality, armed forces accommodation, and retail sectors. Upholding the mission of “Delivering the ultimate shower experience while minimising water consumption,” the company’s patented Air-Powered and BubbleSpa technologies are leading the industry in both water and carbon savings, contributing to a greener future for all.

About Macaulay Capital

Macaulay Capital is a private capital specialist, providing select investment opportunities for a range of investors – high net worth individuals, professional investors and family offices included – whilst delivering bespoke funding solutions for the investee companies concerned.

*Based on a family of 4 with metered water on the energy price guarantee October 22.