Kelda Showers Exhibiting at Homes UK 2023

Kelda will be attending the UK’s largest free-to-attend conference and exhibition of its kind, bringing together over 4,500 housing sector professionals, discussing our SAP recognised showers.

We are currently working with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to recognise Air-Powered™ showers within the Product Characteristic Database (PCDB) / Appendix Q of SAP. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used for calculating the energy rating of new dwellings. Initial estimations are that a Kelda shower will reduce DER (actual CO2 emission rate) by about 10% and improve SAP rating by 1 point.

Luxurious BubbleSpa water saving showers with square shower head

Kelda is committed to offering support to specifiers / SAP Assessors to help ensure that the impact is optimised for a dwelling and look forward to launching our SAP recognised showers at this year’s Homes UK.

Co-located with Unlock Net Zero Live, the Homes UK event sets out to assist housing and asset management, development and sustainability professionals find solutions to the increasing obligation to simultaneously meet net zero targets and improve housing standards.

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology will help the drive towards Net Zero.

Our Air-Powered™ technology reduces carbon emissions by using significantly less water and energy per shower event. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our showers are proven to deliver a better shower experience as low as 4.5 litres per minute compared to the standard 10 litres per minute.

The result of over a decade of research and development, drawn from contemporary aerospace and automotive engineering, our Air-Powered™ showers use the principles of fuel injection technology to provide more efficient performance then conventional showers.

The Drive Towards Net Zero

Specifically, Unlock Net Zero Live brings together the built environment and UK housing sectors to drive the implementation of practical carbon reduction solutions, such as our Air-Powered™ technology.

Kelda represents the future of sustainable showering. With our innovative Air-Powered™ technology injecting water into air, it marks the beginning of a new era: one of unrivalled experience, high-efficiency and responsible clean-technology.

We are committed to building a sustainable business and helping customers reduce water and energy consumption from showering, resulting in fewer carbon emissions.

As well as significantly reducing carbon emissions, Kelda’s Air-Powered™ technology offers users an immersive shower experience. The goal has always been to make less water feel like so much more.

Once water reaches the showerhead, it is injected into a high-velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower. Larger droplets yield greater momenta providing the sensation of more spray force. With 15X more impact than a standard shower, a Kelda shower is more effective at rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

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