Case Study: First Light Cycle Studio

World-leading cycle studio, First Light Cycle specifies innovative Kelda showers to reinforce cutting-edge user experience.

* Annual estimated savings could not be proven at the time as this was a new site installation.

About First Light Cycle Studio
First Light Cycle Studio is the only of its kind in the UK, the vision of founder Mark Anthony. First Light Cycle Studio opened its doors within the new extension to the Westfield Centre and houses three studios, the largest of which holds 68 bespoke bikes and a magic mirror system which transports riders as far as Manhattan, Ibiza, Africa, Rio and Dubai for a fully immersive cycling experience.

• One of the largest facilities in Swansea
• Two-storey gym
• Sports and Exhibition Hall
• Over 130 fitness classes

Project summary
First Light Cycle Studio have been forward thinking in everything they do from the moment the idea was thought up. Because of this they needed a specification to match. The installation of Kelda Technology shower systems ensure that customers are given the best possible shower experience as Kelda Showers are scientifically validated to improve spray force by 2.0X. The environmental impact of showering is also halved as only half the water is being used. The Kelda Technology System also decreased the chances of Legionella spread in this commercial environment by six times, as proven by independent studies and validated by Dr. T. Makin, advisor to the Department of Health, UK Government.

Our approach
Kelda Technology is the pioneer of innovative water-saving showers. With superior power to a traditional shower, Kelda’s air-powered showers satisfy expectations of both high performance, efficiency and environmental integrity. By applying innovative technology Kelda is able to offer a shower solution that for the first time can help significantly reduce water and energy consumption, and in the process reduce carbon emissions. And all of this is done without sacrificing user experience.

The First Light Cycle Studio was specifically designed to the highest standard and to fi t the equipment within it. As such the shower cubicles were designed with rear access voids. This allowed for rear access void systems to be installed and incorporated with the clients choice of infrared valve and water control system, with only a shower head and sensor visible to the customer. The flow rate on the showers at First Light has been set at 6 litres per minute. The Kelda Technology Shower System features our SMART Control Hub incorporating a digital microprocessor and fan that controls and propels the optimum flow of water and air to the patented shower head. Within the innovative shower head, water is injected into the air and accelerated out of one of 5 jet-type nozzles, creating a spray (with perfect droplet size). This means users of the showers at First Light will experience a spray force equivalent to a flow rate of 12.0 litres per minute.

“When looking at what our brand stands for installing Kelda’s showers was an easy decision. Efficiency, experience and we get to fulfill our social responsibility of looking after the environment. They look fantastic.”
Mark Anthony, Owner & Founder, First Light Cycle Studio

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