Air-Powered™ Technology

Kelda are the inventors of high-efficiency Air-Powered™ showers that reduce carbon emissions by using significantly less water and energy. Designed and manufactured in the UK a Kelda shower is proven to deliver a better shower experience as low as 5 litres/minute.

Over the years Kelda’s innovative showers have been vigorously tried and tested in the most demanding real-life environments, such as the prestigious London Aquatics Centre, to ensure they can withstand the pressures of high usage, In every case, Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers have proven to reduce water consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions. With 100% positive feedback from customers Kelda is proudly demonstrating that it is possible to have an invigorating shower at lower flow rates.

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ shower technology may seem new, but it is the result of over 10 years of development  –  drawn from cutting-edge aerospace and automotive engineering. In 2013 Kelda was given a vote of confidence by government, with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) awarding the company £480,000 through the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund and £75,000 from the Carbon Trust.

Today, Kelda has a number of global patents and patent applications protecting its technology and are one of very few companies in the world focused on reducing water consumption through shower design.

How it works
Conventional ‘aerating’ showers use the Venturi principle to restrict flow and draw atmospheric air into the water through a small hole in the showerhead. This is a very cheap way to reduce the mass flow of water, and aerate it to change the ‘feel’ of the shower, but has no measurable boost in force or performance, regardless of flow rate.

In contrast, Kelda’s patented Air-Powered™ showers use the principles of fuel injection technology. Each shower features an intelligent microprocessor and powerful digital fan which controls the delivery of water and air to the showerhead. Within the showerhead, water is injected into a high-velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower. Larger droplets yield larger momenta providing the sensation of more spray pressure, making less water feel like so much more. With 15X more impact than a standard shower, a Kelda shower is more effective at rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

By installing water and energy-saving products such as Kelda Technology’s water-efficient showers it is possible to significantly reduce carbon emissions and save money on bills – with the benefit of having a better showering experience.

Technology Benefits

Efficient Cleaning
Compared to standard showers, Kelda’s MACRO droplets are larger  –  yielding larger momenta. This gives the sensation of more spray pressure. With 15X more impact than a standard shower droplet a Kelda shower is more effective at rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

Sustainable Showering
Mixers showers waste too much water and use precious resource. A Kelda shower uses 5 litres per minute of water compared to an average shower that uses 10. This means half the water and energy and therefore fewer carbon emissions. A Kelda shower maximises every droplet to reduce waste.

Immersive Experience
Imagine a shower that is designed for you and the planet. A Kelda shower atomises water into 100s of perfectly engineered MACRO droplets to ensure you feel every single one of them. We may use less water to help conserve the world’s most precious resource but we haven’t compromised on experience.

Heating System Design
Using less water is not only a key requirement for compliance but can help generate savings in the size, capital cost and maintenance of your heating system. In the case of new build  –  less water allows the specification of a smaller hot water storage cylinder  –  a key consideration when using heat pumps, where 200-litre capacity is commonplace.

“Kelda’s patented Air-Powered™ technology uses high velocity air to atomise water into 100s of MACRO droplets that are 2.5X the size of a standard shower. MACRO droplets hit the skin with 15X greater impact  –  making less water feel like so much more.”

The Kelda Experience


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Low water, energy, CO2


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